Ample Tokenomics

Total Supply

20000,000,000 AMPLE

Initial Allocation

  • 0.5% (100,000,000 AMPLE) will be used for partnership with ecological construction, including marketing, promotional activities, liquidity management, NFB staking allowance - unlocked linearly in 50 months
  • 0.5% (100,000,000 AMPLE) will be used for development - unlocked linearly in 14 months
  • 99% (19800,000,000 AMPLE) will be allocated to AMPLE community members
  • 66% can be earned by Yield farm
  • 34% can be earned by Syrup Pool

Emission Rate

  Emission/block (AMPLE) Emission/day (AMPLE)
Emission 80 2,304,000


Distributed to Reward/block (% of emission)
Yield Farm 66%
Snack Pool 34%

*The distribution may be changed through future governance.

Deflationary Mechanics

At present, AMPLE is also burned in the following ways:

0.05% of every trade made on AmpleSwap

More burning ways will become with the features launched.